BXL, epicentre of contemporary art


The Washington Post newspaper described Brussels as "the epicentre of contemporary art" in Europe and gave an in-depth description of the capital's cultural life.

While staying with an artist friend, a Washington Post journalist, Ceil Miller- Bouchet, recounted her experience.

Her journey began in the major contemporary art galleries in Ixelles and Saint-Gilles. These locations have many special places, such as this strangely named art gallery : Damien & The Love Guru. How can you not stop off somewhere with a name like that? she asked.

She also mentioned Art Brussel, describing it as "the second oldest art fair in Europe, in a country that has the highest number of collectors per inhabitant in the world". Brussels is an art stronghold. It is a city she described as having ”an almost perfect ecosystem for the production and acquisition of works of art".

At La Vallée, a working space in Molenbeek with more than 150 entrepreneurs, she met flower arranger Larissa Di Pietrantonio: "This is a wonderful place for people like us. We can collaborate with other disciplines and adopt a truly open approach".

The journalist also visited the WIELS Contemporary Art Center in Forest, the city's most dynamic contemporary art centre. She described it as a place for creative expression 'par excellence'. World-class exhibitions are staged here by up-and-coming artists from all over the world.