Belgian band Noa Lee release an airship to musical bliss


Noa Lee, a Belgian band centred around pianist Nina Kortekaas, have released Airship, their first full-length album.

Appealingly dreamy synth pop is exactly what you can expect from this delightful debut (that is, if you don’t count their self-titled EP released in 2021). These four young Belgians clearly know what they’re doing. 

The band had already teased part of the album, with the tracks After Years, Bleed, Elephant, and Bend being released to the world before the remaining ten songs.  

What really makes the record remarkable are the poignant lyrics and their delivery through young Nina’s remarkable voice. 

You might have heard of Nina Kortekaas already through her work with other groups and musicians like Portland (a band led by Jente Pironet), The Radar Station and Admiral Freebee, just to name a few. That means that Airship was the perfect vessel to show fans what they can expect from Nina Kortekaas as she steps into the spotlight. 

Of course, the band isn’t made up of only Nina. Let’s also underline the excellent musicianship of her bandmates Sebastian Leye (guitar), Boris Van Overschee (bass and keys) and Robbe Broeckx (drums and backing vocals). Together, they form a perfect mix of fine Belgian talent and craft. 

What are you waiting for? Go and check them out!