Charlotte de Witte named world’s best techno DJ...again!


Belgian DJ Charlotte de Witte has been named world’s best techno DJ for the fourth year in a row.

When you think of Belgian DJs, chances are you’re thinking of the brotherly power duo, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, or you’re thinking of Charlotte de Witte. Well, DJ Mag is clearly thinking of Charlotte de Witte.

Once a year, the British monthly chases down the cream of the crop in disc-jockey world to praise any category they can think of. De Witte is becoming incontournable when it comes to techno DJs, as she’s been holding down the fort for four years in a row now.

Charlotte took advantage of the opportunity to mention in an Instagram post that “to be able to do what I love doing most and offer even the smallest contribution or sense of empowerment to other women out there, is very humbling and one of my most beautiful achievements in life.” In that same post, she paid tribute to the women who came before her and those who will come after her.

There are other Belgian DJs too, of course. Think of Regi Penxten (known for his projects Milk Inc and Sylver) or of the Namur-based revelation The Magician (real name Stephen Fasano), whose 2011 remix of Lykke Li’s I Follow Rivers was a big success.

So many DJs, so little time! Seriously, though, congratulations to Charlotte de Witte for this remarkable achievement.