Three-screen laptop: triple innovation


Working from home has really taken off due to the pandemic, and has been accompanied by a rise in laptop sales. But to make multitasking really comfortable and performance-oriented, you need to be able to connect additional monitors. This is where the young start-up Portabl from Gerpinnes in Hainaut is offering a triple solution.

Chinese companies have already introduced laptops with extra screens. But with its Slide technology, Portabl is considerably expanding their ease of use and possibilities. For example, the system is compatible with all laptops and tablets from 10 to 17 inches, and the two 13.3-inch displays work with macOS, Windows, Ubuntu and even Android operating systems. The common problem of redundant cabling has also been eliminated, as Portabl was the first to successfully transmit a video signal and power supply via a single USB connection. Lastly, the barely 6-mm-thick screens slide smoothly on a system of rails. They can be attached to the back of the main screen in no time. Since there are no cables in the way, you can install them in any position you like. Even in a triangle, so that several people around the conference table can see the same image at the same time.

Portabl is looking towards the future with hope. It plans to sell 16,500 Slides in the near future, half of them in the United States, to both businesses and individuals. And who knows, maybe there will be a collaboration with big manufacturers ?