After signing their contract for the world's first hydrogen tram-bus, the Belgian company has arrived in the American market with the first fully electric bus!

The Exqui.City will be operational by the end of 2019 and will run in the French city of Pau. Its little brother, the CX45E, which is intended for the American market, will be the first fully electric bus.

The E2-type battery is supplied by the American company Proterra. The vehicle will have a range of 300 km and will mainly be used for employees to travel between their workplaces and homes, or to transport people over shorter distances.

The Belgian transport company did not stop there, and also decided to take on its ever increasing competition in the world of coaches. It had already launched its TX range, "the Rolls Royce of buses", in Belgium. And it is continuing on this path with the EX11 model, which provides Van Hool technology at a more "affordable" price.

With orders from Scotland, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Italy, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden, everything is certainly cool for the buses of Van Hool!