Ghent company Robovision and Stanford University join forces to fight complex diseases


Cardiovascular disease and cancer are two leading causes of death in Belgium. Artificial intelligence (AI) software programmes from Ghent platform-based technology company Robovision now allow scientists at California’s Stanford University to better detect and combat such complex diseases.

Robovision has been active in AI-driven computer vision for a decade. That interdisciplinary science explores how computers can interpret high-level digital images or videos, but without using the power and experience of the human brain. They mimic our intelligence.

Stanford University came into contact with Robovision through networking, specifically through a professor from the East Flanders town of Kruisem who has a leading medical lab at the university for research into cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The aim is for the medical specialists to add as much data with annotations as possible on Robovision's webinterfce. Those larger data sets should lead to the development of large-scale, powerful, smart and sustainable AI applications. The smarter the modules become, the more efficient the fight against said diseases can be.

Besides healthcare, Robovision is focusing on AI technologies for agriculture, food and industry.