Mechelen looks back on our brilliant past with the Romantics


Although relatively brief (1384-1482), the Burgundian period refers to a prosperous and brilliant era in Belgian history. The Museum Hof van Busleyden in Mechelen has decided to revisit this era in the exhibition "A Lavish Past. The Burgundians Through the Eyes of the Romantics".

During the Romantic period of the 19th century, the Burgundian dukes, from Philip the Bold to Charles V, were of renewed interest to the painters, writers and sculptors of the time.  The exhibition invites visitors to discover how these artists saw our sovereigns and their court at the time. The prosperous Belgium of its early independence recalled the glorious periods of its history in the names of its streets and monuments, so it is logical that the Burgundian period has an important place.

This is an opportunity to discover the different rooms of the Renaissance palace, which for the duration of the exhibition have become a monumental 19th century museum in which more than 60 works evoke a nostalgia for the grandeur of yesteryear.


This exhibition runs in Mechelen until 27 February 2022.