Science weekends at the AfricaMuseum


The Royal Museum for Central Africa (AfricaMuseum) celebrates its 125 anniversary and five years since its renovation. More than 20 scientists will be on hand to welcome visitors during the anniversary celebrations.

The Royal Museum for Central Africa is both a museum and a scientific institute. African societies past and present are studied there, as are biodiversity and geological phenomena in Africa. For their research, the scientists draw on the museum's collections, fieldwork, expertise and cooperation networks, particularly with African institutions.

The public can meet scientists from the AfricaMuseum on Saturday and Sunday afternoons in September. Each weekend is devoted to a different theme: Nature and Earth (16-17 September) and Art, Provenance and Restitution (23-24 September).

"During this month, we want to highlight an important but less visible aspect of the institution. Over 20 scientists are ready to meet visitors of all ages and share their knowledge in research fields such as linguistics, musicology, biology, earth sciences and heritage," explains director Bart Ouvry.

For example, linguist Maud Devos will present the history of Kiswahili. Musicologist Rémy Jadinon will talk about managing sound archives. Biologist Tine Huyse and her team will demonstrate how to detect infected snails and what this can mean for health. Geologist Axel Deijns will talk about landslides and floods and their impact on people and society in Central Africa. Archaeologist Els Cornelissen and art historian Célia Charkaoui will present research into the provenance of the collections and how the museum responds to the critical questions raised.

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