Flanders now also has its Semois or Lesse


If you wanted to canoe or kayak in Belgium, until recently you had to go to the Semois or the Lesse in Wallonia. Now you can do so on the clean Senne between the Flemish Brabant towns of Lot and Drogenbos.

A water adventure is guaranteed on the 6.3 km long paddling route. You can begin and end your trip respectively at a newly constructed pontoon in Lot and in Drogenbos. Between these two points you will enjoy a relaxing descent on the Zenne. Its water quality has improved considerably in recent decades thanks to the commissioning of several treatment plants. There are also fish again. On Sundays, you can take to the water under guidance, but you can also paddle on your own by scanning a QR code, which makes you geolocatable.
The area was in dire need of the revaluation it deserves. By enabling this sports and nature experience, it will be further sustainably opened up for tourism. Besides, it fits in with GIST, the wider cooperation project with several municipalities along the Zenne. A nod to the wild yeasts that float en masse in the air in the Zenne Valley and naturally give typical lambic beers such as gueuze and kriek their sharp and sour character. The aim is to 're-ferment' the Zenne Valley later in the year by organising all kinds of initiatives, such as art courses, gastronomy, walks, theatre, etc.
Autumn fun enough on the horizon, then.