Discover East Belgium through listening tours


Several municipalities in the south of the German-speaking Community are offering an unusual way to discover their history, monuments and nature...

What is special about these listening tours is that you will not hear the voices of professionals, but those of inhabitants who want to make their region known. You will also hear unusual witnesses of history, such as trees or a steam engine. This is a fun way to discover this little-known region.

The landscapes and special history of the Burg-Reuland listening tour are astonishing. You will discover the Gothic style of the Eifel, and also why the post was so fast in the 19th century.

The Saint-Vith and Amel listening tour takes you to the town of Saint-Vith, which was badly affected by bombings during the Second World War. You will learn why bluestone houses are ubiquitous in the east of the country. In Amel, you will walk along a river that was popular with gold hunters.

The Bütgenbach and Büllingen listening tour takes you into the heart of the Battle of the Bulge and the special history of this cross-border region. You will also see why poet Clara Viebig from the Eifel is still admired today.

Each tour consists of eleven stages and can be covered by walking, cycling or by car. Are you tempted to discover these tours?

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