Natacha Delrez wins the international final of the My Thesis in 180 seconds challenge


The Belgian academic Natacha Delrez (ULiège) won the sixth international final of the French-speaking competition for the most attractive and most accessible way to present "My thesis in 180 seconds", organised in Dakar, Senegal. Her presentation outlined her scientific research thesis on infection in eels.

Natacha Delrez, a PhD student in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Liège, is the winner of the international final of the "My thesis in 180 seconds" competition. The Liège resident won over the members of the jury with her presentation devoted to the study of a virus that affects eels.

In three minutes on stage, she summarised and made accessible her thesis subject by presenting it as a fairy tale entitled "Once up a time there was the eel, the virus, and the firefly". A presentation delivered with brio. It allowed the aspiring FNRS, who is starting the third year of her doctorate, to distinguish herself from the 18 candidates participating in this international contest. Supported by just one slide, the aim to make scientific research attractive to the general public apparently hit the mark.

The second prize was awarded to the pharmacology researcher, Tianarilalaina Tantely Andriamampianina, from Mahajanga University in Madagascar, for her thesis entitled "Cladogelonium madagascariense: Anti-inflammatory". The third prize was awarded to the French musicologist Tom Mebarki from Aix-Marseille University for his presentation on "The "organized madness" in the Rosinian buffa opera. Towards a transhistory of sound."