Attraction: awards for the new Belgian series


When the successful Belgian novelist Barbara Abel co-wrote a screenplay with writer Sophia Perié, the result was Attraction, a series that won the Best Foreign French Fiction Award at La Rochelle Fiction Festival.

This 6-episode series is a thriller tinged with dark humour in which the Belgian Laura Sépul (Baraki, Public Enemy) plays Agathe, a carefree mother who looks after her family: her husband Fred and their children. Until, one day, a murder is committed at the hotel where Fred is on a business trip. But who is Fred, a brilliant geneticist, really ...

Agathe realises that her husband might not be who he claims to be and doubts surface. Agathe becomes obsessive: is she living with a monster? Great pressure is placed on the family unit.

The French actor Lannick Gautry is brilliant in the role of this ambivalent father, both endearing and disturbing.

The director Indra Siera (Prof T, War of the Worlds) gives this popular series an elegant side that contrasts with the tense and cold appearance of domestic thrillers.

This Les Gens RTBF co-production, made with public and private sector support, will be coming to the screen in the spring 2023 and you will be able to watch it on RTBF or on Auvio.