Wallywood, we're shooting!


Wallywood", dedicated as much to the general public as to film lovers, is an application for finding out about the filming locations of films shot in Wallonia. It is available on iOS and Android and will only contain information about fiction feature films; it will be officially launched during the "Wallywood On Tour(ne)" weekend on 27 and 28 April 2019.

During this weekend, a range of activities will be available throughout Wallonia, including six real fake filmings during which normal people can play opposite their favourite actors (registration in advance required). For example, you will have the opportunity to play opposite Benoît Poelvoorde! Obviously, the real actors will not be there, but they will be added in post-production to give the perfect illusion that they are acting opposite you.

Almost 20 years after the creation of Wallimage, following the Palme d'Or won by the Dardenne brothers in 1999 for the film "Rosetta", this regional investment fund has been constantly promoting audiovisual media in Wallonia. 195 of the 400 productions financed since 2000 have involved filming in Belgium, and it is this success that the Wallywood app will showcase.