From star DJ to film star?


The world has long been familiar with the amazing DJ skills of the Belgian brothers Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. The former now also plays the lead role in the Flemish action film H4Z4RD directed by Jonas Govaerts.

Dimitri Vegas already had some experience in film. Acting was a childhood dream and he has been taking acting classes for years. He is fascinated both by what happens behind and in front of the scenes. He has previously been cast in supporting roles in foreign films.

Now he is playing the main character Noah Hazard, a well-intentioned but irresponsible young man from Antwerp who loves his golden Lexus sports car with personalised number plates, his girlfriend Lea and his little girl Zita. However, he gets swept up in a mad race in his city and is forced to move heaven and earth to prevent the adventure from getting fatally out of hand. The crazy story lurches forward and has cartoonish and surrealistic traits. Dimitri sees strong personal similarities with his role. If he had not left for Majorca at 18 with DJ ambitions, he might have become a Noah Hazard.

In addition to being an actor, Dimitri collaborated as a producer on the film's glitzy soundtrack, a mix of the biggest dance classics of the past twenty years.

H4Z4RD, highly recommended for those who want to get to know a lesser-known side of star DJ Dimitri Vegas.