Africa Museum opens racism-themed space


The Africa museum in Tervuren has dedicated a new space to the discussion about racism.

The new area is “an educative and reflection- and discussion space,” according to a museum representative. It is linked to the museum’s colonial past.

Numerous events are set to take place in the space in the coming weeks and months to get such discussion flowing.

In this new space, visitors will find phrases with racist messages and news headlines about racist occurrences in Belgium.

The Africa Museum must become “a safe environment where everyone can speak about the relations between Africa and Europe, and where scientific work is possible,” said brand-new director of the museum Bart Ouvry.

Did you know the museum turns 125 years old in 2023? It was launched for the World’s Fair in 1897.

Swing by when you’re in Tervuren on a whim, or check out what the Africa Museum has to offer before you go.

Well done to the museum for embracing its role as a force for change!