A museum on immigration in Brussels


The MigratieMuseumMigration, Belgium's first museum dedicated exclusively to migration, has opened in the municipality of Molenbeek.

Along the same lines as similar projects in London and New York, Brussels can now also boast its own migration museum. This new landmark on the cultural scene in Belgium reflects its multicultural and cosmopolitan capital.

It is this diversity that Loredana Marchi, Director of Foyer, aimed to share with us by presenting a history of Belgian migration since 1946. To this end, it was decided that the project would be subdivided into three parts.

A timeline is displayed on the first floor. It covers the events that have marked the history of migration in our country. It highlights the accords between Belgium and the Italian, Spanish, Greek, Moroccan and Turkish governments in the context of the "guest worker" migration policy. Visitors can also learn about the tragedy at Bois du Cazier and other major events that have marked our country's migration policy, such as the start of the family reunification policy.

The second floor houses a work by the artist Elia Li Gioi entitled "De la douleur à l’espoir" (From pain to hope), which is unique in that it presents the wreckage of a migrant boat that landed in Lampedusa.

And finally, visitors have the opportunity to exchange views in various ways on the theme of migration, which is still a topical issue.