Jan Van Eyck in a few clicks…


Jan van Eyck was one of the most famous primitive Flemish painters of the 15th century. More than anything, he set himself apart from other painters by his realism that bordered on perfection.

Works by the painter have been available online since 2018, much to the delight of art lovers and specialists. It is the result of a monumental undertaking. Art historians from the Centre for the Study of the Flemish Primitives of the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA) in Brussels, their colleagues from the images department and the Musea Brugge/Kenniscentrum worked hard to bring this project to fruition. It has also been honoured with the Europa Nostra 2019 award.

On this site, you can admire around twenty works of art exhibited all over the world, before and after their restoration. The site is also very intuitive, and you can zoom in on each image. It allows both professionals to carry out comparative studies and amateurs to indulge their passion. You can enjoy this technical feat at any time from home by visiting the site  Closer to Van Eyck.

But that's not all, you can also find works by the painter on the site of the Groeninge Museum in Bruges. In just a few clicks, the museum's online collection will immerse you in the world of Jan Van Eyck.

Just sit back and admire these unique works of art.