Tricount, the app that counts


Two Belgians have created a smartphone application that manages the distribution of daily expenses. Tricount now has millions of users around the world.

In 2011, Guillebert de Dorlodot and Jonathan Fallon, two young Belgian engineers, decided to adapt the Excel table they were using to manage the distribution of their expenses between friends during the

holidays for use on smartphones. The principle is simple! Each user indicates what they are spending for the group, and the app calculates what each one owes to balance the total. The aim is to make it easier for several people to spend money together.

The attraction of this app quickly spread and it now has more than eight million regular users, with an interface available in ten languages. Used mostly by couples, housemates and groups of travellers, Tricount is now one of the most downloaded free mobile financial apps on smartphones.

This success has earned the small business from Ixelles a Digital Wallonia Startup Award.