Artificial intelligence for the common good


The Brussels All for the Common Good project aims to create an institute to develop artificial intelligence (AI) to meet societal challenges. It has been selected as part of the European Recovery Plan.

In everyday language, the common good always corresponds to the idea of tangible or intangible heritage of the human community necessary for life, happiness and collective fulfilment. The future research institute must provide concrete solutions in terms of health, mobility, energy, and access to education and employment. It will also ensure the safeguarding of democratic values by promoting collaboration between universities and between various disciplines, all this by increasing computer skills. It also plans to involve lawyers, psychologists and philosophers to develop a technology that is not just effective, but also humane.


10 million euros will be invested in developing artificial intelligence that can be used in the economic and social transition. To this end, the Brussels government has decided to make use of the European Recovery Fund. Ethical issues will be among the core concerns of a think-tank set up with the King Baudouin Foundation.