Towards green (and Belgian) hydrogen in Oman


DEME has announced the launch of a green hydrogen production project in the Sultanate of Oman. The Belgian group aims to produce large quantities of hydrogen by electrolysis using solar and wind power facilities.

The DEME Group is already a world leader in the highly specialised fields of dragging, marine engineering and environmental remediation. The first phase of this new project, called HYPORT®Duqm, should allow the Antwerp company to achieve a production capacity of 250 to 500 megawatts. The goal will be to transform the electricity generated by the solar panels and wind turbines into hydrogen using electrolysis. This process does not release any CO2 and is therefore part of a less polluting energy transition.

With its strategic geographical position and ideal climate conditions, the Arabian Peninsula has many benefits for the production of renewable energy. Alain Bernard, a senior manager at DEME, said, "In the Sultanate of Oman, the production of wind turbines and solar panels is very cheap and there is a very large surface area available for these production methods, on both land and sea. Furthermore, the local authorities are extremely interested in green hydrogen and the location of the port of Duqm will make it easier for us to export production."

After Ostend and now Oman, other large green hydrogen production sites should follow in the near future for DEME.