First hydrogen-powered tugboat unveiled in Belgium


The first hydrogen-powered tugboat is a fact...and it’s a Belgian affair.

The Port of Antwerp–Bruges and Belgian company CMB.TECH have announced that their innovative tugboat is ready to operate in the Antwerp port. 

The boat is powered by combustion engines that combine hydrogen with traditional fuel. The companies are boasting a significant reduction of fuel consumption with this new engine – no less than 65% –, making the invention a major step towards a climate-neutral fleet and port. 

The port’s new flagship (if you’ll forgive the wordplay) is 30 metres long, five metres deep and Lloyd’s Register classified, confirming it’s up to standards. It can store an impressive 415 kilograms of hydrogen. 

Of course, it should come as no surprise that such a technological advancement happens in Belgium, as our country is at the forefront of unleashing the power of green hydrogen and other green technologies. 

Congratulations to the port and to CMB.TECH for this revolutionary invention, and may they continue their fruitful collaboration in the future.