I-care reinforces its global leadership


This Belgian company, which specialises in predictive maintenance for industrial machines, has just developed a revolutionary new sensor.

Founded in 2004 and based in Mons (Hainaut Province), I-care currently employs over 600 people and has 26 offices in 12 countries. Major industrial companies all over the world use the services of this Belgian company to look after their machines.

Today, I-care is a world leader in predictive and prescriptive maintenance in a fast-growing business segment. More and more companies are realising that it is cheaper to monitor the condition of their machines and maintain them preventively before they break.

The Mons-based company has just designed a brand new 100% Belgian sensor. Called Wi-care G23, it can operate autonomously and wirelessly for five years and is capable of simultaneously performing three types of measurement on industrial machines: vibration analysis, shock identification and temperature monitoring. This new sensor is much more precise, with far greater acuity than previous versions.

With such expertise, the Mons-based company aims to increase its annual sales fivefold over the next five years.