Belgian resin floors from 4m Group go international


Once a family business, now an international group based in Battice specialising in the production and installation of mainly resin floors in the most demanding industrial environments. Central to 4m Group are the highest standards of quality, hygiene, safety and environment. Europe, Africa and the Middle East also benefit from Belgian know-how.

The company carries both new and floors to be renovated. Large easy-to-clean surfaces, including anti-bacterial, hard-wearing, easy-care, non-flammable, liquid-proof and resistant to dirt and impact. Customers can be found in just about all industrial sectors: healthcare, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, shopping centres, department stores, food and industrial kitchens, showrooms, offices, car parks, public buildings, transport and logistics, electronics, aviation, engineering works such as bridges and roads, sports and leisure.

Clients have relied on 4m's broad expertise for over 20 years. Over the past 15 years, 4m's turnover has grown by almost 10% annually to around EUR 30 million, as it has managed to perfectly integrate market and technology evolutions and regulatory requirements into its operations. Its driving force is the site-trained or upskilled staff for whom no specific or sufficient training exists elsewhere. For example, its own 'academy' produces skilled floor layers, screed layers as well as architects and other construction workers. Great!