Environment: underwear to combat overfishing


The small Belgian underwear brand Slibard revealed its social commitment from the outset. Its boxer shorts and underpants are printed with animal motifs, and it pays 15% of its benefits to animal protection associations and, with the international NGO Sea Shepherd, it combats overfishing in our oceans.

Bees, polar bears, gorillas and other species have benefited from Slibard's efforts for many years. Producing boxer shorts with sharkfin motifs in micro-modal, a natural and ecological material, is one thing but it is always possible to do more. The company wants to show that overfishing causes serious and increasingly wide-scale damage to marine ecosystems. Once this sad reality has entered the collective conscience, action is the next logical step and the action should be fun - with the No Fish Day, the first model of the new line of Challenge underwear. Those who put them on in the morning must accept the challenge of not eating fish that day. About fifteen other models are planned with challenges: a compliment day, a no social media day, and even a sex day.

In real terms, Slibard wants to radically change our basic habits and customers' behaviour for a better and sustainable future for all.