COVID-19: social distancing under control


Lopos, a spin-off from IMEC and Ghent University, has presented a new portable device, the "Lopos SafeDistance". In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it allows companies to continue or resume operations safely by helping employees to follow social distancing rules.

This small, lightweight and portable device automatically measures the distance between employees and warns them with an audible and vibrating signal when they are closer than the required distance. This ensures that employees work at a safe distance from each other. They can easily wear it attached to a clip on the hip or a strap. This solution also has the advantage of guaranteeing absolute confidentiality for its user by measuring the distance without recording or storing personal data.

 "Wearing the SafeDistance is therefore an intuitive solution that supports social distancing guidelines in a professional environment," explains Jen Rossey, CEO of Lopos.

After successfully conducting pilot projects in several companies in a wide variety of industries, Lopos decided to increase its production to gradually meet market demand.