BESIX builds bridges in Northern Europe


In Norway, the Belgian construction group BESIX has been commissioned to build a 1,350-metre-long bridge over Lake Mjøsa, as well as a major stretch of motorway.

Over the last 20 years, BESIX has built up an impressive calling card that includes important major building sites all over the world. In recent months, the construction company's Brussels headquarters has mainly been fishing for ambitious civil engineering projects in the cold waters of Northern Europe. These too have involved building complex water-based infrastructures.

Having been awarded the construction of bridges in Denmark and Latvia in less than a year, BESIX (in a joint venture with the Italian company Rizzani de Eccher) is now designing the construction of a major section of motorway in Norway. The project is 11 kilometres long, with four traffic lanes, and includes the major challenge of building a 1,350-metre bridge over Lake Mjøsa. This is the largest lake in Norway, but more importantly it is one of the deepest in Europe, with a depth of up to 80 metres at the point where this engineering infrastructure is to be built.

The Belgian company is also committed to the use of sustainable materials, such as wood, to meet this challenge, which is due to be completed by the end of 2025 and will undoubtedly emerge as an iconic new landmark in the Norwegian landscape.