Gantrex, the Belgian leader with a worldwide presence


Gantrex is the world leader on all fronts, from port equipment to shipyards, the automotive sector and the railways.

The Nivelles SME is highly specialised in the production, distribution, installation and maintenance of track solutions, such as rails or fasteners for overhead cranes, cranes and carts, for example.

The systems developed by Gantrex therefore have the very specific purpose of supporting the heaviest loads. This allows the company to be present on more specific worksites. While a large part of their activity is dedicated to port equipment, the launchpad for the new Ariane 6 launcher, the retractable roofs of the Real Madrid stadium and Wimbledon tennis court, as well as the Seine musicale complex near Paris, are all infrastructures that have benefited from the company's expertise. On sites like these, it is vital to be able to move very heavy loads on a daily basis, and it is logical that the project managers have called on the number one in the sector!

It is not common to be present in such diverse markets. To achieve this, Gantrex relies on the expertise of 350 employees around the world, including around 60 on the Nivelles site.

Among the company's future projects is Gantrex 4.0, a development plan that aims to digitalise operations and get closer to customers by offering maintenance, inspection and repair services.

This is a Belgian SME with a worldwide reputation.