Opensource.Brussels wants to recover groundwater from construction sites


Circular construction means, among other things, that the relatively clean groundwater pumped from construction sites will no longer be discharged directly into the sewage system, but reused for all sorts of purposes. Opensource.Brussels is working on this worthy sustainability project.

The groundwater level is invariably lowered during the construction of a new building. Pumped groundwater is traditionally discharged into the sewer system without being reused. However, our planet's precious resources deserve a more rational approach, which is why the Brussels-Capital Region has made the firm decision to fight water waste. Its Opensource.Brussels project in the Laeken district will pump 360 m³ of water per day over five months. That's about the amount that 3,600 Brussels residents use every day. It should be noted that the recovered water is not drinkable, but it is suitable for street cleaning or watering the plants in parks, for example.


Preventing the misuse of precious drinking water is a wise choice in the strategy advocated by the Brussels-Capital Region to integrate the circular economy into the construction sector and thus make our earth a little more habitable.