Belgian companies innovating for a cleaner world


Bertrand Piccard, explorer, psychiatrist and ambassador for clean technologies, has listed 1,000 good ecological practices to remedy climate change. Among these inventions that are useful to industry, institutions and citizens, around fifty are Belgian.

Bertrand Piccard's idea is that "ecology can serve the economy. It is a practical approach and a reference tool to provide decision-makers with tools to reduce their impact on the planet while promoting job creation, and thus build consensus around clean economic growth."

Whether a small business or a large corporation, everyone has a role to play. For example, the SME AMB Ecosteryl based in Mons (Hainaut) decontaminates and recycles infectious medical waste thanks to a technology that uses only electricity. In Flanders, the Turnhout-based Soudal Group is recognised as an international expert in the field of construction chemicals. Its long-term vision, based on innovation in both products and processes, earns it a place among the 50 Belgian companies.

Among the large groups, we also find Solvay, a world leader in the chemical sector, with twelve labelled solutions, including Solvair, which reduces emissions from incinerators.

The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label ensures the economic profitability of environmental solutions, so Belgium can be proud of its 50 labelled companies that contribute to cleaner economic growth. This is a step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.