Brussels becomes the European headquarters for e-sport


The grouping of various European e-sport federations and associations is setting up in Brussels.

While some people believe that electronic games are incompatible with sports, others believe that they can be defined as such in certain cases. Because although they aren't a physical activity in the main sense of the term, electronic games, even without physical effort a priori, involve the development of qualities that are essential in sport, including good reflexes, visual acuity, tactical awareness and a team spirit.

Right now, there is so much enthusiasm for this "modern sport" that it is becoming professionalised in the same way as more traditional sports disciplines. The best players practice every day in clubs with coaches, managers and sponsors. What's more, the financial stakes are becoming increasingly high, with prizes reaching millions of euros for some world competitions.

With this in mind, it was crucial to provide a global framework for e-sport. The initiative that is now getting a foothold in Brussels should also lead, in the near future, to the emergence of a genuine European Federation to supervise national federations, as UEFA does for football.

And if sport is healthy, we recommend a certain moderation in e-sports, especially when it comes to the little ones.