Baldur’s Gate 3: Belgian video game takes world by storm


Baldur’s Gate 3, a video game by the Belgian Larian Studios, is the most talked-about role-playing game of the summer.

In this game, which is set more than a century after its predecessor, the player character is captive on a flying ship that falls under attack. The character manages to free himself in the attack and the ship crashes, but he still has to get rid of the parasites his captors have implanted in him. Adventure ensues! 

The Ghent-based Larian Studios has been in the video game business since 1996. It was founded by Swen Vincke. While Larian is most known for the widely acclaimed Divinity series, the company has also developed educational games, debuted with The L.E.D. Wars in 1997, and finally it is leaving its mark on Dungeons & Dragons lore. 

The Baldur’s Gate games are based on the famous and much-loved D&D universe, a tabletop role-playing system first published in 1974 and celebrated in the 2016-launched sci-fi series Stranger Things. While all the games in the series are relatively successful, the acclaim of Baldur’s Gate 3 is on another level, coming out of the gates as the highest rated game of 2023. 

The game’s success should come as no surprise given the developer’s dominance on the international market. From Ghent, Larian has expanded not only to other European countries like Spain and Ireland, but it also has studios in North America and Asia. 

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