Belgian researchers find way to speed up hair growth in cancer patients


Belgian researchers have found a way to make cancer patients’ hair grow back faster after chemotherapy.

A doctoral researcher at the University of Hasselt performed a study in which one group of cancer patients received a laser therapy and another didn’t.

The results suggest that the therapy helped speed up hair growth by a month. What’s more, the patients reported a better quality of life and self-image than the group that didn’t receive the laser treatment.

Of course, these are merely preliminary results that need to be tested on a larger scale. The next step is “hundreds or even thousands” of patients. Depending on the results of that test, it could become the standard, according to Joy Lodewijckx, the aforementioned doctoral student.

These promising results add to the already impressive body of Belgian cancer research. Did you know that earlier this year, researchers from the ULB (the francophone university of Brussels) found a protein that could play a key role in cancer’s resistance to chemotherapy?

Congratulations to the future PhD and her supervisors for this promising discovery!