Sang-Hoon Degeimbre is foreign chef of 2016


The Belgian chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre has been named the foreign chef of 2016 by the renowned association Les Grandes Tables du Monde. Degeimbre has been the chef of the restaurant L’Air du Temps since 1997.

The gastronomic association Les Grandes Tables du Monde has named the Belgian chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre foreign chef of the year. For Degeimbre, it is the crowning moment of a 20-year-long career in his restaurant L’Air du Temps. The culinary association praised the chef for his creativity with local, home-grown products. With more than 170 member-restaurants in 24 different countries, Les Grandes Tables du Monde is an icon in the gastronomic world.

Last year, Gault&Millau already named Degeimbre Belgian chef of the year. The chef of Korean origin has been cooking at L'Air du Temps in Liernu since 2007, and the restaurant gained two Michelin stars these past years. Degeimbre developed the old farm into a contemporary culinary temple with a garden of five acres, where he grows his own vegetables and herbs. If you are looking for a more accessible cuisine, you can also visit Degeimbre’s restaurant SAN in Brussels, where all meals are served in bowls with a spoon.