'Made in Belgium' music


The music streaming platform Spotify has created some very Belgian playlists, enabling you to listen to Stromae, Balthazar, Zwangere Guy and many other Belgian artists.

'Code 32' - 32 as the Belgian telephone prefix - focuses on Belgian hip-hop. From Belgian classics to international hits... You'll find it all in the 'Made in Belgium!' playlist. The Streamit Belgium playlist was created on the initiative of artist manager Laurent Walschot and producer Manu Freson. They hope that this exclusively Belgian playlist will help to support artists from our flat little country. It is also available on Deezer and Apple.

About half of Spotify users listen to music via playlists. They are therefore a valuable tool that have the power to turn a single title into a global success.

The four playlists currently have almost 150,000 subscribers and are very popular. By listening to them, you will not only be giving a helping hand to artists from our region, you will also be discovering new musical genres and worlds. The Swedish music giant does not plan to stop there. It wants to create more playlists in the future, for example a playlist that highlights Belgian music from the 80s and 90s or Belgian indie.

We wish you a wonderful listening experience!