Choco-Story Brussels, a multi-flavoured journey in the heart of Brussels


The famous Brussels chocolate museum is starting a new life just a stone's throw from Manneken Pis. Choco-Story Brussels is now using modern, interactive methods to tell the story of Belgium's black gold. And everyone can have a taste.

Choco-Story Brussels is first and foremost a family story. The museum opened in May 2014, thanks to a collaboration between the Van Lierdes and the Van Belles, two families who shared their love of cocoa and chocolate. Choco-Story Brussels has since become one of the most popular museums in Brussels for tourists. In 2018, more than 95,000 visitors came to learn about the history of chocolate.

Choco-Story Brussels is now larger and more interactive, but just as delicious, having just moved to Rue de l'Étuve, next to Manneken Pis. The museum is perfect for young and old alike to take a journey through the world of chocolate, from its origins to the finished product. Choco-Story Brussels offers interactive maps, virtual reality and children's games, displaying beans grown by the Aztecs and the Mayans 5,000 years ago and pralines made in Belgium in the 20th century, as well as descriptions of the arrival of chocolate in Europe on board Hernán Cortés' ship in 1519.

What else? Tasting sessions and a demonstration of the creation of home-made pralines by a master chocolatier. And all this helps to continue promoting the quality of Belgian chocolate!