Belgian cheeses are a cut above the rest at the World Cheese Awards 2014


The cheeses 'Poperingse Keikop' and 'Flandrien Oud' have been selected as winners in the World Cheese Awards in London; one of the most important cheese inspections in the world. Poperingse Keikop won bronze for the second year running, in the category 'soft white veined cheese with additions'. Flandrien Oud was selected as best cheese in the category 'Gouda produced after 1 December 2013'.

Poperingse Keikop is produced at cheese farm 't Groendal'. Keikop is a creamy cheese which really brings out the best in the hop shoots which are added to it. Incidentally, Keikop is the first cheese in the world to contain the exclusive hop shoots. Poperingse Keikop was launched in 2013 after three years of preparation and immediately started to win prizes. The trend was confirmed this year.

Flandrien is made by cheese wholesaler Triporteur, who only started making their own Gouda style cheeses in 2013. Flandrien is available in 3 variants: young, mature and extra mature. The latter was the one awarded the prize.

This year there were more than 2600 entries in the World Cheese Awards. All these cheeses were tasted and judged by 250 experts from 30 countries.