Antwerp, the undisputed capital of avant-garde fashion


After in-depth renovations in 2020, MoMu, the Antwerp Fashion Museum, is reopening with an extensive programme of events, fascinating exhibitions, open-air projects, themed walks and more, which runs until January 2022 and clearly positions the institution as an international nerve centre for fashion and design.

Antwerp has established itself as an exceptional and dynamic creative space in the fashion world since the 1980s. The museum focuses specifically on contemporary Belgian fashion designers due to the emergence of a group of legendary Antwerp designers, the famous Antwerp Six, who put forward their avant-garde vision and propelled the city and its academy to the forefront of the international scene. The academy has also acquired a reputation for excellence on a global scale; it welcomes some fifty different nationalities and many of its former students settle where they studied, thereby strengthening the city's diverse creative potential. In addition, MoMu's collections, totalling some 30,000 objects, are extremely varied and show great creative freedom.


Antwerp will be abuzz with 'Fashion 2.021 Antwerp - Fashion/Conscious' until January 2022. This ambitious reopening programme launched by MoMu includes a number of activities and events that will take place in the city.

Discover the programme on the MoMu Antwerp website