Antwerp receives a special mention


The city of Antwerp has received a special mention from the jury of the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize.

The award is presented every two years in Singapore to recognise the world's most vibrant, dynamic and sustainable international cities for their outstanding achievements and contributions. According to the jury, several projects make the city of Antwerp a worthy winner of the jury's special mention.

The city's strategic spatial development plan, the reconstruction of the Scheldt quays, the climate-neutral Blue Gate Antwerp business park, the Smart ways to Antwerp mobility project and the ambitious The Big Link plan were some of the initiatives praised.

The reconstruction of the Scheldt quays, for example, is helping to preserve the city's historical heritage and reconnecting it with the river through several public spaces. By the way, if you fancy a stroll along the quays, the Smart ways to Antwerp app is your best ally, as it allows you to find the smartest route to your destination in real time. The Antwerp Ring also gets a mention. The Big Link project aims to improve quality of life around the Ring through various projects.

With this award, the jury is congratulating the Belgian city for its global and thoughtful vision of its urban development, which is proving its worth over the long term and helping to rejuvenate the city. As well as Antwerp, the winners include Boston, Lisbon and Vienna, so you can now extend your list of city break destinations.