Migration: Belgium coordinates a network of researchers


The University of Liège (ULiège), through its Centre for Ethnic and Migration Studies (CEDEM), now coordinates the largest interdisciplinary research network in Europe in the field of migration, integration and diversity studies.

The International Migration Research Network (IMISCOE) brings together 61 research institutes based in Europe and beyond and covering various disciplines such as sociology, political science, economics, law, demography, public administration, geography and history. Various scientific events are organised each year, including an international conference that attracts more than 1,000 researchers from around the world.

This IMISCOE research network first and foremost feeds into society in general, and the political world in particular, with its analytical and theoretical contributions. IMISCOE also funds a variety of interdisciplinary research initiatives at the international level, notably through its standing committees.

ULiège is one of the founding members of IMISCOE. It has stepped up its activities over the years and is now one of the pillars of the network through its Centre for Ethnic and Migration Studies (CEDEM). It is therefore logical that CEDEM was entrusted with the coordination of the international network for an initial four-year term.

The Liège team is committed to strengthening IMISCOE's presence outside Europe and encouraging research on issues related to discrimination in particular.

It is therefore from Belgium that the research on one of the greatest challenges facing our societies will be coordinated at the academic level.