Did you know that there is a link between Magritte and Apple?


Indeed, contrary to some rumours, it's apparently a painting by the Belgian artist René Magritte which inspired the name of the Apple Computer. The painting in question depicts a large green Granny Smith apple on which is written "Au revoir". This painting was purchased in 1966 by Paul McCartney, the British musician from the famous band The Beatles. Subsequently, the band wanted to name its label Apple and that's how the Beatles' legendary company "Apple Corps" was born.

According to multiple sources, when looking for a name for his nascent computer company, Steve Jobs decided to use the name of his musical heroes. This led to the Apple Computer and today, Magritte's apple lights up billions of computers and telephones.

The Beatles sued Apple in 1978 for using the name. Consequently, the computer company agreed not to go into the music business. However, this agreement came to an end when iTunes and iPod took off in the 2000s.