Did you know that the Palace Cinema has reopened?


Four screening rooms with 60, 84, 139 and 373 seats. Two refreshment areas: a bar and a restaurant. Its three main focuses are arthouse films, event screenings and educational & civic activities. Although the Dardenne brothers and their colleagues are clearly targeting arthouse films, they will also show blockbusters with the same tendencies, so as not to create too great a rupture with the general public. Short films and documentaries will also be shown and there are plans for a range of cultural events.  

French producer Charles Pathé originally commissioned the Belgian architect Paul Hamesse to create The Palace in 1913. Originally called the Pathé Palace and comprising "Italian-style" rooms, the Art Nouveau complex gradually gave way to more "modern" screening rooms during the 20th century.

In 2001, following a veritable power struggle with its Flemish counterpart, the French Community obtained the building, whose facade was listed by the Royal Commission of Monuments and Sites in 1997. In the same year, plans were made to restore the venue as an arthouse cinema. The project was finally completed 17 years later, on 28 February 2018, promoted by the non-profit organisation Le Palace which is chaired by Luc Dardenne. Cinema lovers, the wait is over!