Did you know that Delvaux is the oldest luxury leather goods company in the world?


The leather goods first created in 1829 in Brussels by Charles Delvaux have made a name for themselves, having since been exported all over the world. Today, the firm enjoys worldwide recognition. Its success was no accident…

In fact, founder Charles Delvaux was already a visionary in his day. Belgium boasted a state-of-the-art railway network at the end of the 19th century. The desire of women to travel and the industrial context prompted Delvaux to register several patents for handbags in 1908.

In the 1930s, Franz Schwennicke and then his wife, Solange, took over the management of the firm. They turned it into an exclusive brand by introducing seasonal collections and creating, in 1958, an emblematic bag "Le Brillant", which is still worn by the stars in 2020. The firm has recently entered into a partnership with the Magritte Foundation. It has dedicated a complete line of small leather goods and luggage to the dreamlike world of the Belgian painter, René Magritte.

Today, the brand has more than 40 stores around the world. It sets itself apart by its surrealist attitude, the quality of its products and its elegance. A museum dedicated to the history of the brand, its creations and Belgium opened its doors in 2019.