This is not a museum


In the Arsenal district in Etterbeek, the iconic “the Brilliant” handbag welcomes visitors to the new Delvaux museum. A space that tells three stories: the history of the handbag, that of the Maison Delvaux and that of Belgium.

Charles Delvaux founded his company in 1829, starting out making luggage. In 1908, he lodged the first patents for handbags, inspired by the development of the railways and by women who liked to travel with their personal belongings close at hand.

The history of the Maison Delvaux is told in a setting that features a touch of Belgian surrealism, leading visitors into a world of luxury, expertise and humour. The space has been entirely designed by the Flemish director Bob Verhelst, who has divided it into different areas: innovations, expertise, studio, Belgitude. This means there is no designated route and visitors can make their own choices.

History buffs will be delighted with the glove room, where the history of the handbag is detailed. Iconic bags, limited editions and the Collaboration Wall will satisfy the fashionistas.

In creating this museum, Maison Delvaux wanted to show its international customers the role that Belgium has played and how Belgian ways of thinking and lifestyles have influenced the brand.

Free visit by appointment via the website.