Did you know that Belgian seniors are the happiest in Europe?


A study published by Ipsos has revealed that Belgian seniors are the most fulfilled in Europe.

65 year-old Belgians say that they only start to consider themselves as elderly from the age of 79 onwards. This makes them the most optimistic compared to other Europeans.

The study explains that it is all a question of mentality, and how life is perceived. 75% of Belgian seniors live from day to day, and are not constantly looking back to the past. Most of them don't hesitate to take up new challenges and have fun. As a result, they feel younger, more vibrant and have a different outlook from the more traditionalist society.

In addition, 80% of Belgian seniors feel useful (higher than the European average), which is essential when reaching retirement age, by passing on their knowledge but also by being considered as independent people, and playing an active role in society.

In order to remain an active member of society, 79% of seniors use the internet at least once a month for their finances, films or music. This practice also reinforces the feeling of independence.

At the emotional level, 44% still have romantic feelings for their partner and 43% still have a physical attraction. 1 out of 3 Belgian seniors even report that they still have sex on a regular basis.