Did you know that the Belgian comic strip duo known as Suske & Wiske have different names around the world?


Suske & Wiske (Spike & Suzy) is one of the most popular comic strips in the Dutch language. Willy Vandersteen (1913-1990) began working on this comic strip in 1945. The series was later continued by Paul Geerts, Marc Verhaegen, and then the duo Luc Morjaeu and Peter Van Gucht. This makes it the longest lasting series in Belgium.

Suske & Wiske is most of all a funny comic strip for all ages containing lots of colourful characters. However, the series also includes elements of fantasy, history and social critique.

Just like many other Belgian comic strips the tales of Suske en Wiske have also appeared in several other languages, even if only for a few albums. And this means that the duo have acquired an impressive list of new names. Here's the rundown:

  • African: Neelsie & Miemsie
  • Chinese: 波布和波贝特 (Bobu & Bobete in 1996) and 苏苏和维维 (Susu & Weiwei since 2011)
  • Danish: Finn & Fiffi (later: Bob & Bobette)
  • German: Ulla und Peter (later: Bob und Babette/Suske und Wiske/Frida und Freddie)
  • Esperanto: Cisko kaj Vinjo
  • English (UK): Bob & Bobette (later: Spike & Suzy)
  • English (US): Willy & Wanda
  • Finnish: Anu ja Antti
  • French: Bob & Bobette
  • Greek: Bobi & Lou
  • Indonesian: Bobby dan Wanda
  • Italian: Bob e Bobette
  • Japanese: ススカとウィスカ (Susuka to Wisuka)
  • Latin: Lucius et Lucia
  • Norwegian: Finn & Fiffi
  • Portuguese: Bibi & Baba
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Zé & Maria
  • Spanish: Bob y Bobette, Bob y Bobet
  • Swahili: Bob na Bobette
  • Tamil: Bayankaap & Bayanam
  • Tibetan: Baga & Basang
  • Icelandic: Siggi og Vigga
  • Swedish: Finn & Fiffi