The Saumur tapestries on display in Liège

11 January 2022 - 06 March 2022

The château of Saumur, located at the confluence of the Loire and Thouet rivers, has one of the largest tapestry heritages in France, with 70 tapestries. Thirty-six of them, dating from the 15th to the 20th century and commissioned by the churches and abbeys of Saumur, are being exhibited in Liège, as part of the "Parures de fêtes à Liège. Splendeurs des tapisseries de Saumur" exhibition.

These tapestries, which rarely leave France, can be seen at the Treasury of the Cathedral of Liège and the Archéoforum until 6 March. Among the pieces on display, visitors can admire La Chasse au faucon (The Falcon Hunt) (1440-1450), Le Combat (The Fight) and Le Bal des sauvages (The Savage Ball) (1470), three works classified as Historic Monuments in France and which have undergone careful restoration for 25 years. Offering five centuries of know-how, the exhibition presents medieval and Renaissance works inspired by literature, history and Christian texts, including a masterpiece from the Gobelins factory, and a tapestry commissioned by the Town of Saumur in 1959, reflecting the extraordinary revival of this sumptuous art.

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