Tintin is back in business with the European Space Agency


The most famous Belgian comic strip character has just made his first parabolic flight (way of creating a microgravity situation) with the European Space Agency (ESA). The event marks the launch of the partnership between the ESA and Moulinsart, which will see Tintin return to service to experience new adventures.

This parabolic flight was an opportunity to create a new figurine of the famous reporter: "Tintin Zero Gravity", inspired by Hergé's drawings for the album Explorers on the Moon. This figurine was designed using ultralight materials and will also become an object of scientific study for measuring the effects of weightlessness. Tintin, the first person to set foot on our satellite, has also been selected to inspire young people to take up aerospace careers and to become an ambassador for the Agency's missions in the months and years to come, especially those to the moon and Mars.

Moreover, the wishes of several generations of 'Tintinophiles' could finally be fulfilled. A representative of Moulinsart, Yves Février, announced that publication projects are underway and that, "We are also thinking about a series of projects that would coincide with Tintin's 100th birthday in 2029."