Prado exhibits work of Flemish artist Clara Peeters


Presently, the world famous Prado Museum in Madrid is holding an exhibition on Flemish artist Clara Peeters. ‘El arte de Clara Peeters’ is the museum’s first separate exhibition dedicated to a female artist. This exhibition can be visited until 19 February.

Visitors can admire fifteen superb works by Clara Peeters. The museum praises the Brabant baroque painter for her extraordinary talent. As an artist she was an exception in the 17th century because being a woman she had to contend with the prejudices of her time.

Very little is known about the life of Clara Peeters. In the beginning of the 17th century she was active as a painter in the City of Antwerp. Besides, she is one of the pioneers of the still life with objects, flowers and food.  Worldwide, only forty paintings were attributed to her.