Bozar, a centenary full of projects


A century ago, on 4 April 1922, the project to build a Centre for Fine Arts (now called Bozar) was officially launched at Brussels City Hall. Its design was entrusted to our greatest architect of the time, Victor Horta. The Art Deco building, which took five years to build (1923-1928), became one of the symbols of the capital's cultural life.

This centenary will be celebrated with a number of artistic activities, including the "Project Palace, a centenary" exhibition, for which several contemporary artists have been invited to create new works. In addition, until 14 April, the façade will be covered with 100 digital "firework flowers" to pay tribute to the 100 great people who created the Centre for Fine Arts.  Finally, on 23 and 24 April, 20 dancers will allow visitors to enter into a dialogue with the history of dance and the Centre, right up to the roof. From the beginning, Horta wanted to make this roof accessible to the public. One hundred years later, this wish has come true.

And the party is just getting started, as in the coming years the centenarian will also participate in a number of events. In 2023, Bozar will contribute to "Brussels, Capital of Art Nouveau" with an exhibition dedicated to Horta and the artistic language of his style.  2028 will see the centenary of the inauguration of the exhibition halls, and in 1929, the centenary of the Henry Leboeuf Concert Hall, with its world-renowned acoustic quality.

The young centenarian will host many more events in the years to come.