Iopool, the smart pool at CES


Iopool is a Liège-based company that sells smart sensors for swimming pools. It has approximately 150 active customers in Belgium and France and intends to use the show as a launchpad for the US market in the first half of 2020.

Attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, this young start-up has come to present its product, an application that allows people to manage their swimming pools themselves via their smartphone.

Swimming pool maintenance can sometimes be complicated. Several problems can quickly appear such as excess electricity consumption, greenish water or even excessive use of chlorine, which is very harmful to human health.

The application connects to a sensor that enables customers to manage their swimming pools themselves! The principle is simple, the sensor is placed in the swimming pool and regularly measures a series of parameters such as the water's disinfection capacity and its temperature. The data is then sent to the application which formulates a series of recommendations for maintaining your swimming pool. You can then order the necessary products via your smartphone!

Using this system, iopool aims to ensure the health of its customers by guaranteeing them safe water. It is also currently working to ensure that its sensor can detect the presence of unwanted people, thus offering maximum security!